For the sending of orders through private messaging the customer agrees to make delivery possible by providing a correct shipping address in which the order can be delivered within normal business hours (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. And from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.).

Private messaging includes two delivery attempts, a third attempt is an additional cost to the customer. (Make sure that the contact phone is correct to avoid incurring additional costs).

Likewise, a change of address after the order is sent represents an additional cost to the customer who will pay the courier directly.

The customer undertakes to provide detailed and truthful information on the data requested in the registration or order forms, and to keep them updated when ordering. In case of non-compliance or error in the data provided by the customer, Pepa Molins will have no responsibility for the delay or impossibility of delivery of the order requested by the customer, as well as the additional costs involved.

It is up to the recipient to check the shipments upon arrival, to express the observations and to present all the claims that he deems justified, he may even reject the package if the package is likely to have been opened or if it shows clear signs of deterioration.

CLAIMS, according to what is established in the commercial code (article 366), for damage, damage or total or partial loss of the merchandise, must be made within 24 hours after receipt of the same, unless the damage was In which case, the claim must be made at the time of delivery (LOTT Insurance of € 5.92 / kg) included in the price). In turn, these observations or claims must be sent to Pepa Molins within 24 hours of delivery of the product (s).

Shipping costs

Pepa Molins reserves the right to choose the private courier company at any time by committing to keep shipping costs and delivery deadlines published on this website at the time of purchase.

These terms will start counting from the confirmation of payment and everything is in stock.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Private Messaging (Consult us)

NATIONAL SHIPPING: Private Messaging

The customer can choose two alternatives:

1. The cheapest option, where the customer will receive their products between 48-72h after making their purchase, for € 4.05 (1 Kg) in any city in Spain.

2. Another faster option, where the customer will receive their products within 24 hours of placing their order, for € 4.41 (1 kg) depending on: if it is for the province of Malaga, € 5.44 if it is To another region of Andalusia or € 4.86 to any city in Spain.

Delivery in TODA LA PENÍNSULA in 48-72 hours

(From the confirmation of payment and being all in stock).

48-72h 1 KG 2 KG 3 KG 5 KG 10 KG 15 KG 20 KG + KG
PENINSULA € 4.05 € 4.93 € 5.14 € 6.65 € 8.28 € 9.74 € 11.97 € 0.53

Delivery in TODA LA PENÍNSULA in 24 hours

(From the confirmation of payment and being all in stock).

Provincial 1-2 KG 2-5 KG 5-10 KG + KG
PENINSULA 4,41 € 6,41 € 6,27 € 0,42 €
Regional 1-2 KG 2-5 KG 5-10 KG + KG
PENINSULA 5,44 € 7,68 € 8,40 € 0,48 €
Peninsular 1-2 KG 2-5 KG 5-10 KG + KG
PENINSULA 4,86 ​​€ 8,28 € 9,01 € 0,58 €

All prices include VAT.
Maximum size per package 40 kg.
If it exceeds +10 Kg CONSULT US and we will inform you of the additional increase.
Free orders over € 70 and up to 2 kg!

INSULAR SHIPPING (Canary Islands and Balearic Islands): Delivery in 24 / 48-72 hours

(From confirmation of payment and everything in stock).


24h. 48-72h. 24h. 48-72h.
BALEARES € 15.91 € 13 € 17.36 € 13.37 € 1 Kg.
€ 2.96 € 2.35 € 2.96 € 2.35 € Additional Kg.
13 € 13.37 € 2-5 Kg.
1,14 € 1,14 € Extra kg
CANARY ISLANDS € 13.91 10,46 € 18,75 € 11,07 1 Kg.
5,88 € 8,27 € Extra Kg.
€ 10.95 € 14.45 2 Kg.
€ 29.34 € 31.27 5 Kg.
€ 42.41 € 45.19 10 Kg.
€ 55.96 € 59.22 15 Kg.
70,60 € 91,17 € 20 kg.
4,41 € 4,41 € Kilo Additional

+ Canarias customs clearance supplement + € 18
All prices include VAT.
Maximum size per package 40 kg.

SHIPPING CEUTA AND MELILLA: Deliveries Ceuta and Melilla 24 hours

(From the confirmation of payment and being all in stock).

1 € 24.13
3 36,05 €
10 77.62 €
Additional Kg.

€ 5.44

+ Supplement Customs clearance Ceuta and Melilla + € 18
All prices include VAT.
Maximum size per package 40 kg.

SHIPPING PORTUGAL: Consult through our tlf customer service.

Delivery times

Our delivery times depend on each product:

All products in stock: IMMEDIATE DELIVERY
24 or 48-72 HOURS working (consult prices of prices).
Products out of stock: DELIVERY BETWEEN 7 AND 25 BUSINESS DAYS.
Handmade handmade products (for example professional flamenco shoes): DELIVERY BETWEEN 25 AND 30 BUSINESS DAYS.
Products without stock in Ceuta, Melilla and Islands to consult.
For international products, Pepa Molins will consult the transport agency and notify the customer via mail. And if the customer is satisfied will proceed to its shipment after the deposit of the money in account by the buyer.

Delivery / Pick-up services are carried out door-to-door in any peninsular and insular destination according to schedule of contracted services.

Once the order is placed we will immediately contact via e-mail if the items out of stock suffered some extraordinary delay.

Pepa Molins guarantees its customers the possibility of canceling their order at any time and at no cost provided that the cancellation is communicated before the order has been processed.


Pepa Molins acts as representative of professional suppliers that guarantee that the products that are presented for sale on the website, do not present defects, nor hidden defects that can make them dangerous or unsuitable for normal use. The contractual guarantee offered is usually granted by the supplier.

In case of defective product, we will proceed, as appropriate, to the repair, replacement, price reduction or termination of the contract, these being free of charge for you. Pepa Molins responds to any lack of conformity that manifests itself within a period of two years from the delivery of the product. If the product purchased is defective, you must inform us of the lack of conformity within 15 days of becoming aware of it.